Celesta's Magical Journey

Here are some illustrations I recently completed for 
"Celesta's Magical Journey" by Gordon Allen.
The book is available for purchase through
Celesta and Kevin
Clarence teaching Class    
Shark Attack

Celesta, Croft and Wakanda
Arriving at Santa's Village

The whole gang
Celesta and Croft

This was a very fun and challenging project due to the fast turnaround and the variety of characters. I really enjoyed getting to know more about these wonderful characters and working with the Author and the Editor to make this book come together on time.


Island writer magazine

Volume 9, issue 1, spring 2011

I did these as possible illustrations for a poem called Homestead by Jocelyn Tennant.

Pit Pony

This book recently came out and is available at indigo and chapters stores. I did the Illustrations.
I just received my copies and they look great.  A nice educational and entertaining story about our Canadian history for kids aged 9-12 ish.


check it out!

From Sea to Sky a collection of stories for children by the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo, BC

He waited until dark, and then crept down to the shed at a the back of the garden 
 Charley, the dog who barked at air planes

Inchworm crawled 
And then a wave came along and picked him up

Slimmer, the little green ghost, went to visit his friend Angelina. 
When Slimmer got to his Grandmother's house, she was outside, watering the garden.
Clair was just swimming along, looking for lunch, when suddenly...
Claire hid from the big scary eel in Annie Anemone's tentacles 

Arnold didn't want to stay in the barn anymore.


Train Love is a stop motion animated film I made for Making Tracks a Collaboration between Via Rail and The Khyber Center for the Arts in Halifax, NS. Train Love screened on board Via trains on the Ocean line between Halifax and Montreal. It was also screened in the VIP Lounges at both stations. A Compilation dvd of all the films that played will be available at artist centers across Canada.